A little about me

My name is Cara but i assume you already know that by the title of my blog.
I was born and raised in Oklahoma , and am still living and loving here.
I'm 25 and on my to 30. But thats okay cause so far I'm aging well.
I've been blessed with best parents ever.Who are still happily married after 35 years.
I have 2 sisters (1 older and 1 younger) and 1 older brother who I idealize.
He's a Sergent in the Army. He's over in Iraq now - kicking ass.

(Come home safe Tom - We all love you)

I'm a Hair Stylist. Been one for the last 6 years and still love doing it. Especially now. Just open my own Saloon last year.

I've have a quite a few friends but only 2 BFF"S Sarah
and Jewel(she doesn't want her picture up).
We've been best friends since kindergarten and will always be. Love you girls.

My interests include Hair Styling of course(Great to love what pays the bills),Cars,Muscle Cars, Classic Cars, Fast Cars
(What can i say I love cars( Thanks to My Brother who let me work with him on his 71 Camaro till he sold it :( ) - My favorite car is 68 SS Camaro. In which I'm currently dealing on one. Mint Shape.Red.Beautiful.I'm In love with it.Keeping my fingers crossed)
Some of my other interest are Jogging and Yoga(gotta keep in shape you know), I love going to Car Shows ,Drag Races and Driving Fast.

My favorite movies are Action and Comedy's . Die Hard and anything with Seth Rogen in it.

My favorite food is BBQ Steak with a baked potato and a whole lot of butter and sour creme.(Now you know why I have to workout so much)

I'm currently single. Never been married and no kids. That can all come later having to much fun right now.

To any guys reading this if your into cars and having fun you can come and find out more about me or talk to me on mate1. Here is the link to my profile

My user name is "CaraCamaro". Sign up its Free.

I have some more pics on there too. Some of me in a Bikini in case your worried about how I look because of the steak and potato thing. I was one of the Car Girls at a car show here.

Anyways thats it for now.


P..s Just added some pics of my new Baby to my profile. May/28/2010